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The O Rosal wines blend Albariño and Loureira grapes with others to produce delightful and distinctive flavours, and we are able to offer both in- house and Bodega tasting of these and other local wines by prior arrangement when booking accommodation.

Albariño grape

Finca Rio Miño is placed almost centrally in the celebrated ' ROSAL' sub zone of wines belonging to the Apellation d' Origine ''Rias Baixas'', where the celebrated but scarce grape variety Albariño grows abundantly on the Bajo Miño river terraces.

A modern Alborino vineyard & vinery

The climate is perfect, with a clear Atlantic influence, characterised by mild temperatures sufficient rainfall and sunshine hours to produce the yellowish-green medium sized grape. Legends abound to its origin, some claiming it's indigenous to the sandy, shallow and slightly acid soils climbing on granite stakes above the Galician sea. Others hypothesise that Cluny monks brought it from the Burgundy area of France in the 12 th century.

Albariño wine bottlesAlbariño wines are dry white wines of sharp, floral and fruity bouquet with a fine long aftertaste.,and have accumulated many international distinctions and awards.
It is an ' all time'  wine, ideal as an aperitif, or as a perfect balance to the abundant fish and shellfish dishes that are a part of the heritage of this coastal area.
A terraced Albariño vineyard

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