Galician Magic

We really thought we had indeed entered the "Galician paradise" Robin refers to on his website. The finca is a truly magical place with hidden gems aplenty.

On arrival we were greeted by our charming, affable host Robin, not forgetting the gorgeous Broc (Robin's lovable collie) and the quietly reserved Dylan (Robin's other equally lovely dog).

The view over the mino towards Portugal is quite spectacular and, quite honestly, if we'd sat drinking chilled Alborino on the beautiful contemplative patio for the whole week we would have been quite content.

However, the children (aged 6 and 9) stirred us into action and amongst other things we revelled in medieval frivolities in at the Caminha fiesta, stuffed ourselves with grilled sardines at the local shin-dig, enjoyed completed seclusion at the river beach five minutes' walk away, found Robin's secret crystal clear lagoon on the mill walk up the hill side and, as a fitting end to a perfect week, we tantalised our taste buds with mouth watering tapas, each one exquisitely produced at the wonderful local eaterie O Lagar (

Definitely worthy of its mention in Spain's gastronomy guide.

We often say "we'll be back" when leaving lovely places we've been to but this time it's a definite!