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Spanish Baixo Miño

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Robin Winterhalder

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Beautifully green Galicia

I first visited Galicia over 35 years ago, on the pilgrim old road linking the holy city of Santiago de Compestela, and Tui on the Portuguese border.

Finca Rio Mino - Mountain viewDramatic mountains, rugged coastline...

My memories were of lush countryside, with dramatic mountains, heavily wooded with eucalyptus, pine and oak, deep gorges, wide estuaries, and terraced farmland with vines, orange trees and colourful shrubs. And I wanted to return.

My next visit was 17 years ago by sea, and my memories were enriched by the charm of the rugged and beautiful coastline, with the five rivers of Galicia forming individual and varied estuaries and headlands like the fingers of a giant hand.

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